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Become a partner of Axitea

Axitea considers commercial collaborations and technological agreements an extraordinary lever to strengthen its business activities and to grow together with its Partners. The sharing of information, the reciprocal alignment of the strategies and the transformation of business experiences into knowledge, are inalienable ingredients for the development and the sustainment of competitive advantages, best practice, quality of offer and client satisfaction.

The context of strong technological evolution and convergence determines virtuous “attraction” mechanisms, from which proximity of offer, synergy of purpose and market adjacency, arise important industrial collaborations. The business development activity is articulated in Axitea according to three guidelines that represent three distinct programs and areas of focus:

  • Technology partnerships with the leading market vendors finalized for the enrichment of the product portfolio and completion of areas of strategic positioning. This activity is realized through the scouting, testing and validation of technology solutions.
  • Service partners with local operators to increase the geographic coverage, the operations effectiveness, the quality, the speed and effectiveness of the technical interventions in support to the design and maintenance of the installations.
  • Commercial partnerships for the value added distribution of products and services to enrich the product portfolio
  • Channel partnerships to multiply through specialized operators, the capability to supply products and services in sectors and specific market segments where the operator adds value in terms of presence, customer intimacy and specialization.