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For the security of commercial activities


The origins of the risk can be caused by human action, natural events and deficiency of installations: thefts, robberies, damages to raw material or finished products, unauthorized intrusions, vandalism, fires, floods, explosions, storms and lightning, power failure (main cause of the deterioration of raw material and finished products).

The risk level is determined by the area in which the commercial activity is situated, the business sector it belongs to, the value of the goods, their reselling potential and perishability.

Axitea helps business owners, of which for example restaurants, bars, clothes shops, jewelleries, perfumeries, opticians, electro domestic retailers, electronics retailers, playrooms, food wholesalers, supermarkets, etc., in preventing dangers, reduce risks and protect the people, goods and assets of their activity.

Axitea offers solutions that contemplate systems for the reconstruction of events (for example video control and video surveillance), intrusion detection systems (with infrared and double technology detectors, microphone detectors for glass breaking, probes detecting technological anomalies due to missing network, freezing or flooding, …), gas and fire alarm systems, alarm monitoring, intervention on alarm, remote system monitoring, maintenance and technical assistance.