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Design and realization of intrusion detection systems

Design and realization of intrusion detection systems


Axitea designs and realizes installations for the detection of thefts, robberies, intrusions, which use the most advanced technologies for the maximum simplicity of installation, the maximum integration with the environment, the elimination of false alarms, the extreme configurability according to the necessity, the vastest availability of optionals and connection devices for whatever protection exigency.

The outdoor alarm systems are the fruit of more than 30 years of specific experience in the sector of integrated systems.

They are divided in four macro categories, which ensure the global protection of the external perimeter of the building:

  • alarm installations on fences suitable to detect intrusion attempts, climbing and cutting through
  • underground installations for the perimeter protection with lines of seismic sensors of vibrations or pressure pipes to be placed under the concrete or in the garden
  • microwave volumetric detectors
  • perimeter detectors with active or passive infrared able to signal the passage of unauthorized people