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The day and night patrolling consists of inspections performed outside and/or inside the customers’ premises: the patrols are in contact via radio with the Control Rooms and scour the service zones, supervising the integrity of the sites of the clients.

The security procedures used are suitable to recognize and manage impending situations of danger (for example, suspicious situations and preparations for intrusion).

It can be carried out in a non-continuous way, according to the temporary or extraordinary needs of the client. For example, in case of construction works, change of home or company headquarters, particular situations in residential, craft or industrial areas.

On verification of events that can lead to the Axitea personnel to believe that the goods of the Client are in danger, the personnel itself communicates with the operations centre, which activates the appropriate emergency procedures.

In case the procedures highlight an effective risk for the goods of the Client, the patrol will oversee the site for an agreed period of time, that is until the Client doesn’t intervene: according to the security procedures and contract agreements, the patrolling may provide to the continued stay of the guards up to 24 hours after the event, in the case that the contacts are unavailable.

Moreover, after the 24 hours have passed, the Axitea personnel can predispose the most appropriate measures to avoid risks or damage to the goods subject to the service.