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Fogging protection systems

Fogging protection systems


Axitea designs and installs specific solutions of active fogging protection: when an intrusion is detected, the fogging systems activates itself and saturates any environment with a thick and impenetrable fog, non-toxic, simultaneously calling Axitea’s Control Room which verifies the alarm and sends a patrol. Thanks to the fogging systems integrated in the security solution, Axitea increases the effectiveness of protection against robberies and vandalism: the persistence of a thick fog impedes the criminal act until the arrival of the guards.

Characteristics and advantages of the “fogging” security solution integrated in Axitea’s security solution:

  • It is an active protection that increases the protection of a site, for it enacts an effective defensive barrier in a few seconds.
  • The fog is completely dry, dense, impenetrable and white. It is harmless and leaves no residue. The fluid used for the creation of the fog is non-toxic and harmless, and is composed of water and glycol. Glycol is a substance used in many sectors, of which food.
  • The impulse system of the fogging system permits to extend the time of subsistence and persistence of the fog even after the first release.
  • It extends the time of a theft attempt or vandalism act, blocking the thief and consenting the arrival of the patrol or constraining the bad intentioned to flee. This is particularly relevant because often the thefts are carried out in a few minutes.
  • The service is combined to the system: the Control Room alerts the Axitea patrol that intervenes, relieving the client from the risks linked to the eventual meeting with the bad intentioned.
  • The formula of the granting of the system in loan-for-use consents to the client not to be burdened with an initial investment: the system remains of Axitea’s property, which will repair it in case of failure for the duration of the loan.
  • Axitea’s professional technicians are capable of integrating perfectly the fogging system in the existing security system through a careful inspection and a technical project, installing and testing it to perfection.
  • The Control Room, in addition to receiving the alarm signal from the fogging system, monitors the correct functioning of its components (battery, recharge, anti-tampering) to always have an optimal functioning.