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Alarm monitoring

Alarm monitoring


The alarm monitoring service, applicable to every type of client, from large companies and public entities to retail and residential, foresees the monitoring and management of alarm signals generated by the system installed. The signals are transmitted through edge devices, which consent the transmission of alerts from distance, using the fixed and mobile phone network or proprietary radio.

It is possible to manage alarms of different nature: burglary, robbery, fire, smoke, heat, glass breaking, missing network, freezing and flooding.

According to the type of alarm, once the effective consistence of the danger is verified, the operator contacts by phone one of the responsibles indicated by the client, to inform him of the event and the police.


Technologically advanced

Thanks to the implementation of the most recent technologies and the constant training the personnel is subject to, the Control Rooms present cutting-edge technology and high quality standards.

Constant coverage

Inside it, qualified operators work on duty in shifts, which enables the coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The softwares and the possibility to visualize the different informations on various monitors consent to an optimal management of the alarm signals and avoid inefficiencies.

Highly professional

The monitoring procedures and management of alarm signals are standardized.

This consents the Alarm Monitoring Centre to cope at all times with the maximum precision and professionalism with the alarm signals of all the clients.


The Centres are capable of receiving alarm signals through all the communication channels currently in use. Thanks to this capability, the level of global security of the service increases significantly.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity is the ability of the company to continue to conduct its business in the face of events, of any type, which can affect it. By guaranteeing a high level of Business Continuity, Axitea gives the client base a further guarantee of service reliability, which, particularly in the security sector, has to be continuous and cannot suffer interruptions.