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Satellite logistics

Satellite logistics

Logistica Satellitare

In every business, the increase of the productivity by using company vehicles has a positive impact on revenues, management costs, client service and competitiveness with regard to rival companies.

The possibility to control the entire fleet, thanks to the Axitea web portal, guarantees an accurate management that permits to reduce operating costs and an increase in the efficiency of business processes.

The control of events undeniably translates into profit and economic benefit for the companies.

Moreover, the ever more demanding clientele constrains the distribution market to provide a quicker and more efficient response, offering the client a flexible service, on-time and fast especially, in order to guarantee quality and complete availability.

The services for satellite logistics provided by Axitea are multiple, and permit the following:

The control of the entire fleet of vehicles;

  • The localization of the means in real time, identifying them on the geographic map;
  • The localization programmed at pre-determined intervals and tracking of the position at programmable time intervals;
  • The elaboration of detailed reports about the vehicle journey (route, distance travelled, stops);
  • Identification of the mean closest to a point to guarantee the timeliness of the technical assistance;
  • The verification of the route established and the eventual exit of defined areas;
  • The control of the number of hours the vehicle was in effective use (work hours);
  • The verification of driving hours and activity of the drivers, the stops and pauses, the hour of departure and arrival;
  • The communication in real time with the drivers through the reception and sending of messages;
  • The monitoring of the maintenance (oil change, vehicle check-up, tyres…) of every single vehicle;
  • The certification of the “cold chain”, through the control of the temperature;
  • The control of the journey: bounded journey in terms of route undertaken, automated security with departure control, loading unloading points, journey end, automated polling.