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Business Continuity

Business Continuity


Business Continuity is the ability of an organization to continue to supply products and/or services at acceptable predefined levels following a serious interruption. [Source: ISO 22300:2012 norm]

Thefts, robberies, hacker attacks, malfunctions, failures, human errors, natural events… a scenario that highlights the relevance of an increasingly indispensable vision and attention towards the security of persons, things, control of operations, the scheduling of maintenance activities, the need for analysis and correlation of data, information and events to quickly understand the “situation”, to respond effectively to emergencies and to prevent, as far as possible, the occurrence of situations of risk.

What can be the consequences of a business interruption? In addition to the eventual loss of value of goods/information (ex. Theft, flooding), a loss in earnings, with possible commercial and reputational impacts that in some cases can lead to legal consequences (for example, for the non-compliance with contractual supply agreements).

Axitea – as a Company operating in a sector of strategic relevance such as Security, firmly believes in business continuity as a key success factor for the company and, for this, it provides today its own competences, experiences and resources for the security and protection of the mission critical infrastructures (such as in the cases of airports and banks), and to contribute to realize, sustain and help evolve the protection of private and public companies of all dimensions.

The vision and realization of a proper architecture of services and solutions dedicated to the business continuity of companies, includes, in addition to integrated solutions of physical and logical security, services of risk assessment and of disaster recovery to prevent critical situations. Axitea offers support to companies for the elaboration of business continuity plans and the availability of specialized resources, including those in use in the field of surveillance to monitor technical alarms of buildings (of which for example for fires, network interruptions) and to prevent acts of looting following a natural disaster, predatory acts, accidents and crises.