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Offer: Scenario & Trends


Today Axitea carries the key role of Global Security Provider in a market experiencing strong transformation for the convergence of IT, telecommunications, controls, automation and the Internet of Things. This gives rise not only to a new market segment, but to a complex and articulate enterprise system, to protect, monitor and help evolve with continuity, in terms of assets, critical infrastructure, data, information and people.

The increased need for Integrated Security by public and private companies, in each sector and for every dimension, implies on the one hand, a precise response in terms of specialized skills, based on the most innovative security technologies, and the points of vulnerability of the business system of the company; on the other hand, it requires a broader and more articulate vision capable of giving the market a “single point of contact”, that can offer complete solutions to the customer, ranging from multi technology maintenance, integrated management of events, alarms and interventions, in all the areas crossed by this new need for security and protection: technological systems, control systems and automation, physical security systems, ICT infrastructures and cyber security.

Hacker attacks, malfunctions, failures, accidents, human error, natural events: a scenario with worrying implications highlights the relevance of an increasingly indispensable vision and attention towards the security of persons, things, operations control, the scheduling of maintenance activities, the need for analysis and correlation of data, information and events to quickly understand the “situation”, to respond effectively to emergencies and to prevent, as far as possible, the occurrence of situations of risk.

Plans for the Business Continuity of the companies, in support in case of events or incidents which undermine the their very existence; evolved and innovative software platforms capable of analyzing data and critical information in real time; plan and coordinate the maintenance activities; automate recurring activities; define standard intervention procedures in mission critical contexts such as airports, ports, banks, telecommunications centers and electricity providers. This is a vision and a proposition on which Axitea is committed to in terms of resources, competences, technological agreements, definition of services to support Italian companies, on every level, in the elaboration and then the maintenance during the entire life cycle, of a solid security “system” that integrates the best technologies and the most customized operational procedures.

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