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Portfolio Offer

Portfolio Offer

The security offer of Axitea represents today the synthesis of multiple skills, knowledge, and experience developed within the Surveillance and Security sector, which have been enhanced over time, in both the strengthening of the territory’s defenses and proactive management of alarms and interventions, as in the development of competences in the design, implementation, integration, maintenance and management of platforms and technological solutions dedicated to physical security, access control, video surveillance, satellite monitoring and the protection of ICT infrastructures.

Today, Axitea exercises the key role of Global Security Provider offering integrated and personalized security solutions for the protection of residential customers and small and large companies, critical infrastructures or public administration.

Axitea, for the residential sector, represents the best protection for the house and the goods, with the 24/7 alarm monitoring, intervention of patrols and the use of the best security technologies present on the market, characterized by their high reliability, high quality and easiness of use, and an accessible economic investment.

The security solutions for companies are increasingly integrated and range from the protection and monitoring of goods and information, to the protection of people, and support the clients in reducing the risk of possible business interruptions, avoiding tangible losses (ex. Value of goods, of information) but also possible commercial and reputational repercussions.

Therefore, not only thefts and robberies, but hacker attacks, malfunctions, failures, accidents, human errors, natural disasters, all represent events to control, monitor and keep in consideration in order to preserve goods, people and business continuity. Axitea is the ideal partner to support the companies in the identification of risks, threats and critical processes in order to define the most suitable security solution.

In the scope of Integrated Security, the video systems represent today an application of enormous potential for the real-time management or prevention of dangerous situations, in addition to the forensic analysis of criminal events. In this strongly evolving context, innovative video analysis solutions capable of precisely correlating the events, reducing and eliminating false alerts, manage the flow of high definition images, but also to integrate analog solutions in the field, represent a crucial platform for security. Such structure, enriched by sophisticated software algorithms, not only increases the level of protection and the effectiveness of the intervention, but, for example in the retail sector, enables the marketing analysis to improve the sales activity and the way it interacts with the client and consumer.Axitea’s offer, as Global Security Provider, can provide an effective response to the complex integrated need which, to be satisfied, foresees the use of software platforms strongly customizable, in terms of user experience and functionality, but still highly interoperable to guarantee the integration with legacy technologies and a scalable evolution process. An example is represented by the more modern solutions of Situation Management in support to the operators specialized in the management of emergency situations also correlated to the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) which oversees the IT and cybersecurity. Today, Axitea offers its own competences and resources for the security and protection of the mission critical infrastructures, which contribute to realize, sustain and help evolve the protection of private and public companies.