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In the security market, not every client is the same: a commercial activity doesn’t necessitate the same security requirements of a bank or a petrochemical company.

Axitea has in its portfolio, clients of every sector and dimension, which range from public entities and institutions, to small and large companies, commercial activities and residential.

As a Global Security Provider, it is capable of responding to every security need, designing the most adequate solution, whatever the nature of the business.

Axitea has developed specific solutions for the protection of different segments, such as pharmacies, retail and news agents, businesses that have a risk of robbery index superior to banks and postal offices.

Public and Private companies of large dimensions which operate in mission critical contexts of which, banks, airports, telecommunications centres and power grids, require instead, a referent which has on one hand, specialized competences of the most innovative security technologies available, and on the other, is a single point of contact which can supply complete security solutions to the client, from the maintenance to the integrated management of events, alarms and interventions, to business continuity plans through the adoption of technological installations, systems of control and automation, ICT infrastructures and cyber security. All of this to react promptly to the emergencies and prevent risky situations.

The experience with large entities in the sectors of logistics, manufacturing, shopping malls, financial services, fashion & luxury, energy enable to have specific competences for every segment, identify the single requirements and develop security solutions properly ad hoc.

Not only the business world, Axitea thinks about the wellbeing of families, protecting private residences and condominiums without there being initial investments necessary, thanks to security systems offered on loan-for-use and connected to Axitea’s Control Rooms, which consent to the monitoring of the alarms and the intervention in case of necessity.

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