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The growth path of Axitea started a very long time ago, in 1914 to be precise, when one of the first local security companies was founded: ”La Polizia Privata” (The Private Police). In 1925, other leading security businesses were acquired including the “A.N.C.R. Vigilanza Combattenti”, and the “Corpo di Vigilanza” for the Province of Milan. More prestigious brands followed, of which the “Vigile San Marco” in 1946 and “Mondialpol Roma” in 1977. All these local entities where integrated in 2004, thus creating Sicurgobal S.p.A.

Moreover, in 1974 was founded the company which went on to become the leader in Italy for the design, implementation and maintenance of security systems, “Mega Italia”, which was then acquired in 2009 by Sicurglobal.

In 2004, the BS Private Equity fund constituted Sicurglobal. The buy-in operation that formed the company was the first example in Italy of an institutional investor getting involved in the private security sector. From its formation, Sicurglobal aimed to differentiate itself, through the respect of an ethical code and its technological imprint. This is the vision that makes the company unique in the market. In the first case, it is a very sensible subject in a delicate sector such as private security. The use of technology, on the other hand, contributes to providing a high quality service. In 2006, the company broadened its range, from surveillance and installations, to include satellite control systems for motor vehicles, earthmoving equipment and company fleets.

On May 6, 2008, the corporate control passed to the fund Stirling Square Capital Partners.

The 28th of July 2009, is a key date: Mega Italia was bought, the leader in Italy for the integration of security systems. The strategic reason for the merger was to expand the company’s market position through the integration of systems, thus making it a truly global service. For the first time, Italy had a single security company providing both the security systems, and the service.

The integration process continued until the two companies merged on December 31, 2010. From this union, on January 1, 2011, Axitea was born: this was not just a new name, but a new corporate identity underlining the company’s leading position in the security sector. The new brand focuses its strategy on the importance of customer relations, the company’s ability to respond in a customized way to all kinds of security issues and the centrality of people.

On August 1, 2011, Axitea acquired a branch of Italgo. This was an important new development as it expands Axitea’s effective capabilities and activities with the addition of design, implementation, maintenance and monitoring services for IT networks and their security. Axitea became one of the first enterprises in the world to offer both security solutions for tangible property and security solutions for intangible goods such as data and information. This choice is determined by the awareness that today, for companies the value of information is equal, if not greater, than that of tangible assets, together with the will to consolidate the leadership and innovation of its offer on the market, evolving constantly in the preparation of complete and integrated security solutions, as such are the risks, integrated and interconnected, that arise for companies and individuals.

Recently the fund Stirling Square Capital Partners has renewed its financial contribution to the development and evolution of the company.