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Training of the personnel

Training of the personnel


The high technological content and use of human resources in the services provided require constant development and training.

Axitea uses highly specialized consultants in a multidisciplinary scope, in order to offer to its customers, uniformity of operational procedures, guarantee of quality, and punctuality of service, as well as effective compliance to any security requirement.
All the guards and Axitea operators attend regular training courses related to their activities.

In 2010, Axitea inaugurated a project called “Selling & Safety Academy” which involved all the employees of the company. On the intranet portal, Axitea has developed a training course on security, consisting of a series of multimedia contents, divided into four modules. At the conclusion of the course, it is required to pass a test with multiple choice questions, verifying the knowledge acquired regarding safety notions.
Also since 2010, Security Specialists of Axitea, who interface with customers daily by offering them the most appropriate security solutions, are formed with the tools of the portal “Selling & Safety Academy”, in addition to the traditional training days in the different branches. Video and textual contents allow a constant update on the available security solutions.

The contents of all the courses are developed by specialized consultants, the Management and the Axitea Operative Responsibles.