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In a delicate market, such as the one for security services, a commitment is required that includes the provision of tools apt to preventing illegal or irresponsible behavior. All this for the protection of those directly or indirectly involved in the company’s activities (customers, employees, suppliers, partners, citizens, institutions).

Axitea has adopted a code of ethics and has set up a body for supervision and operational methodology, intended for the concrete application of the principles of law. This document expresses the self-regulation of the company, under the D.Lgs. June 8, 2001, n. 231 and its contents are addressed to any person who for whatever reason enters into a relationship with it. The code of ethics is intended to formalize the management arrangements of Axitea, aligning its behavior to the patterns of legality, loyalty, fairness and economic efficiency in both internal and external relations.

This document applies and guides the conduct of the entire company; therefore, the ethical code is binding for the behaviors of all the directors, employees and contractors of Axitea. Compliance with the instructions and requirements is an essential condition for the initiation or continuation of any relationship with Axitea.