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One of Axitea’s primary goals is to ensure the best service quality and customer satisfaction. For this reason, Axitea selects highly qualified, independent, mobile specialists who are ready to undergo on-going training and keep advancing their knowledge and improving their skills.

To ensure on-going improvement of performance, Axitea has implemented a UNI EN ISO 9001.2008 quality system certified by the accredited certifying body ACCREDIA.

Axitea is certified Accredia, according to the norm BS OHSAS 18001:2007 – Management System for Health and Safety at Work, for the delivery of services and products such as: territorial inspection services, tele monitoring, video surveillance, alarm intervention; design, installation and maintenance of multi-functional and integrated systems for the protection of property and persons, ICT systems, telecommunications systems and networking.

Axitea has also obtained the certificate of qualification for public works under D.PR. 207/2010 (SOA attestation) for the OG11 works categories – OS19 technological systems – telecommunications networks systems and OS5 – pneumatic systems and anti-intrusion.

To further ensure the full respect of the different quality requirements of the current regulations for the operators in private security, Axitea holds both the UNI 10891:2000 (related to the security services ), and the UNI 11068:2005 related to the structural, performance and organizational aspects of its Operations Centers. Such certifications enhance the enterprise management system and represent a commitment with respect to the market, to the continued compliance with regulatory requirements.

Axitea is equipped with first grade Ministerial Authorization for the installation, testing, connection and maintenance of internal phone telecommunications systems (art. 5, Annex 13, D.M. 23/05/92, No. 314). It also has an Alarm Monitoring Centre, specialized and dedicated to the satellite control, which is responsible for verifying and managing the alarm signals received from satellite connected devices. Recently the Centre dedicated to the satellite control received the new compliance certification of the Scala Vanini, valid for the year 2015-2016, reaching the highest level (6th grade) for vehicles and freight. The certification confirms the qualitative correspondence of all the basic requirements needed for the control from remote of high-risk goods in transit.

The Axitea staff is subject to training and continuous adjournment, and in the Technical Infrastructure sector, many employees have received the Cisco IT certification. The importance of this certification is underlined by the amount of services that Axitea offers in the IT field: monitoring, maintenance and assistance of the IT networks and the design and implementation of security systems for the IT networks. For Axitea, quality is represented by the path of continuous improvement in the way of delivering services, the transparency of operational procedures and the effectiveness of the internal organization.


Axitea certification UNI CEI EN 50518

SOA certification

Authorization 1° TLC

Axitea certification UNI 9001-2008

Axitea certification UNI 10891-2000

Axitea certification OHSAS-18001