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Axitea, Global Security Provider

Axitea, Global Security Provider


Axitea represents today the synthesis of multiple skills, knowledge and experience, developed from 1914 to today, in the Surveillance and Security sector, and enhanced over time, in both the strengthening of the territory’s defenses and proactive management of alarms and interventions, and through the development of specialized competences in the design, implementation, integration, maintenance and management of platforms and technological solutions dedicated to physical security, access control, video surveillance, satellite monitoring and the protection of ICT infrastructures.

Today Axitea carries the key role of Global Security Provider – operating in the virtuous crossroad between innovative technologies, end-2-end services, processes and organization – in a market experiencing strong transformation, for the convergence also, of IT, telecommunications, controls, automation and the Internet of Things.

This gives rise not only to a new market segment, but to a complex and articulate enterprise system, to protect, monitor and help evolve with continuity, in terms of assets, critical infrastructure, data, information and people.